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Playing Cards manufacturing seems simple but it is not so, to produce international quality and standard of card every deck of cards has to undergo multiple stages. The alignment of the images, the court designs, the indexes, the coating and even the final Packing have all been subjected to rigorous trial and error before finally being given approval.

Innovation and Technology Department

Our research department is continually striving hard to provide you with best Quality and Design. Every new development in latest modern Print technology is dedicatedly studied, tried and hence applied to produce Quality Playing cards. Our processes are continuously improved upon based on the measures and the feedback we receive from our customers.

Designing Department

Designing good quality Cards begins with understanding customer requirements and creating the best user experience. Our designers under the guidance of Innovation and technology Department are working hard to develop creative and latest designs to meet the aspirations of our devotional consumers

Production Department

After the approval of the design the production department work on the Size, shape, material and finishes of the card. Appropriate machines are used to produce the Quality and Cost effectiveness.

Quality Testing Department

Each and every deck of cards so produced is Quality-Tested to check its Quality, Strength, Aesthetics and Packing. Our processes are continuously improved based on the measures and the feedback we receive from our customers.



KBA 105 Rapid

KBA 105 Rapida 

Heidelberg speed master

Heidelberg speed master